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Sporty Spec: Games of the Fantastic
by J.E. Stanley

Pretend that time moves forward
in rivers of dark blue light,
a continual slow glide
in twisting helical fugues.

Add year after year,
date upon date
(36,526 and counting).

Invent virtual positronic aluminum futures
or regenerated cellular infinities,
worlds enough
and time to explore all
of them, each one and every.

Forget the universe,
expanding, counting down
and down and down
toward Zero.


J.E. Stanley is an accountant and on-again, off-again guitarist from the grayscale suburban wilderness of Northeastern Ohio. A member of The Deep Cleveland Tribe of Poetry and the Cleveland Speculators, he is the author of the book Dark Intervals (vanZeno Press), the chapbook Dissonance (deep cleveland press) and the short collection Ink (Gypsy Lips Press). His work has also appeared or is forthcoming in Amaze, Asimov's, ChiZine, Prism Quarterly, Scifaikuest, Star*Line, Three-Chord Poems: The Poetry of Rock & Roll (deep cleveland press) and numerous other publications. (Photo by Geoffrey A. Landis)


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