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Gargoyle of Longing
by Ann K. Schwader

Lost desire calcifies
tear by tear on the stripped bones
some fading prayer left
to ravens

there is nothing inside
but a breath of derision
the merest quiver of cobwebs burdened
by foolishness of flies

what dies
entombs itself in earth unless
rejected even there

lays down its own slow sediments
of pain & rain
gray lineaments
familiar as a heartbreak.

Ann K. Schwader lives and writes in Westminster, CO. Architectures of Night, her most recent chapbook of dark verse, appeared last year from Dark Regions Press. Her first collection of mainly Lovecraftian fiction, Strange Stars & Alien Shadows, was published last fall by Lindisfarne Press. Her poetry has also appeared in Weird Tales, Best of Dreams of Decadence, The Formalist, Magazine of Speculative Poetry, Strange Horizons, and elsewhere. She is an active member of both SFWA and HWA.

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"Gargoyle of Longing" © Ann K. Schwader. Used by permission of the author.
 Raven Electrick © Karen A. Romanko. Clipart by Corel®.