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The Scales of Hermes
by Karen A. Romanko

He weighs human souls
on scales of gleaming gold,
pans hanging from the beam
by diamonds in a stream.

When a new soul appears,
he sheds a single tear
for the old soul that leaves
so balance is achieved.

His tear falls to the pan
where all the souls began,
and a new soul is born
while his own soul is torn.


In her "past life" as a Systems Librarian, Karen A. Romanko spent her spare time writing articles and short stories for Publishers Weekly, American Libraries, and the Science Fiction Law Journal, among others. In her new incarnation, Karen edits and publishes Raven Electrick while she continues to write. Her recent and forthcoming credits include poems and stories in Speculon, Twilight Times, The Pedestal Magazine, Fables, Rogue Worlds, and Full Unit Hookup. (For a complete list of Karen's work, click Publications.) When not hunched at her computer, the Boston native enjoys the sun of Southern California with biologist hubby Bob Desharnais.


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"The Scales of Hermes" © Karen A. Romanko. First published in Rogue Worlds.
 Raven Electrick © Karen A. Romanko. Clipart by Corel®.