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Karen A. Romanko, editor and publisher of Raven Electrick, has seen her poetry and short stories appear in venues such as Strange Horizons, Ideomancer, Would That It Were, The Pedestal Magazine, Dreams and Nightmares, and Full Unit Hookup. Her first poetry collection, Raven's Runes: Equations in Time, has just been released by Sam's Dot Publishing. When not hunched at the computer, she enjoys the sun of Southern California with her biologist husband, Bob Desharnais. Visit Karen's Author Page for a complete bibliography, more photos and information.

Deborah P. Kolodji is a divorced mother of three who works as a database administrator to fund her poetry habit. Her work has appeared recently in Strange Horizons, Star*Line, Dreams and Nightmares, The Orphic Chronicle, Dark Planet, and Twilight Times. She has been nominated twice for a Rhysling Award by the members of the Science Fiction Poetry Association. One of her poems has placed 2nd in the annual Preditors and Editors Reader's Poll. E-mail Debbie at DKolodji@aol.com.
Sunil Ramdeen is a Senior Producer/Reporter with TV6 News in the twin-island republic of Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean. He's always been intrigued by the vampire and other supernatural stories, and draws inspiration from Anne Rice and Stephen King. He hopes to write more about creatures found in his local folklore, like "la Diablesse," a female demon with a cow's foot, or the "Soucouyant," a vampire-like old woman who sheds her skin in the night.
Kate Hill's fiction and poetry have appeared in several small press and online publications, including A Taste of Midnight (Circlet Press), Dreams of Decadence, Darkness Within, Decompositions, The Vampire's Crypt and Speculon. Her vampire and historical romance novels are available from RFI West. Kate publishes chapbooks and zines through her own micro press, Anxiety Publications. Click Kate Hill to visit her home page.
Lincoln Donald is an Australian writer. Apart from stints as a freelance press photographer and a diplomatic courier, he spent most of his working life in middle management in various government and commercial organisations. In all these jobs he needed to write, but it was dull stuff, with the facts frequently getting in the way of a good story. Now retired, he only discovered the joys of writing fiction a few years ago. On the net his stories have been published in a number of zines including EWG Presents, Story Bytes, Writer's Hood, and AntipodeanSF. He is a regular contributor to Seeker Magazine. You may contact him at lincolndonald@hotmail.com.
James David Collins hopes to add many more writing credits to a list which includes short stories accepted by Glyph magazine and Dream Forge e-zine. He's completed two YA fantasy novels, as yet unpublished, but is working hard to remedy the unpublished part. David was a public school teacher in Texas for 10 years, but is now a stay-at-home dad with his new son, James. His wife, Cathy, also a school teacher, is a bit jealous about David's staying home, but she'll get over it (she says). 
Sandra Lindow, "officially past her 50th birthday, takes the responsibilities of apprentice cronehood seriously." She has won numerous awards for poetry and has been eight times nominated for the Science Fiction Poetry Association's Rhysling Award. Her poetry has appeared in Asimov's, The Magazine of Speculative Poetry, Tales of the Unanticipated, Amazing, et al. She has published four books of poetry, including The Heroic Housewife Papers (Pandora, 1990), which was named the best poetry collection published by a Wisconsin writer in 1990. Lindow is West Central Regional Vice President for the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets and is actively involved in local readings and workshops. For the last twenty years she has worked as a Title I Reading Specialist at the Eau Claire Academy, a treatment center for emotionally disturbed adolescents.
Christina Sng lives in Singapore where she works as a writer to fund her poetry habit and support her big-boned cat. Her recent credits include Black Petals, Dreams and Nightmares, The Edge: Tales of Suspense, and frisson, with new work forthcoming in Space & Time and Roadworks. She is a member of the Science Fiction Poetry Association and draws inspiration from poets like Bruce Boston, Sylvia Plath, David C. Kopaska-Merkel, and Scott Urban. In her free time, Christina enjoys playing RPGs, reading horror stories, and haunting bookstores.
A transplanted native of the Finger Lakes region, C. A. Gardner earned a Master’s Degree in English from Old Dominion University in 1996. She has published over ninety poems in venues like Talebones, Edgar, Hadrosaur Tales, Bardic Runes, and The Leading Edge. Ten published short stories include “In Our Boxes,” which earned honorable mention in the Twelfth Annual Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror. Her study of the utopian prose romances of William Morris was awarded a fellowship from the William Morris Society in the United States in 1999. Gardner is also an avid black-and-white photographer, particularly of surreal and horror themes.
J Alan Erwine lives in Denver, Colorado, where he works at a job that's "too abysmal to even mention." He holds a degree in psychology from the University of Colorado, but he uses it only to develop characters and to help friends with "way too many delusions of grandeur." More than two dozen of his stories have appeared in venues such as The Ultimate Unknown, Alternate Realities, and Aphelion. His first novel, The Opium of the People, is available from Sam's Dot Publishing.
Nancy Bennett is a poet, essayist and co-editor of HICKS (Hags In the Country and KinS), "a pagan-friendly publication with a country twist." Her work has been seen lately in Tales of the Unanticipated, Waxing and Waning, and Star*Line. She also writes "The Bard's Cupboard," a poetry review column for Scavenger's Newsletter.
Lester Thees has worked as a welder, driving instructor, office manager, private investigator, and house painter. He began writing after a friend cornered him in a dark parking lot and forced him to admit what he really wanted to do with his life. His fiction has appeared in over two dozen print and online publications, including Cemetery Sonata II, Not One of Us, Night Terrors, and Outer Darkness. Lester's story "Flash," which first appeared in Mindmares Magazine, was given honorable mention in the 13th Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, edited by Datlow and Windling. He lives in Connecticut with his wife, Ellen, and their cat, Rita.
Doyle Eldon Wilmoth, Jr lives in Las Vegas ("Sin City," he's quick to point out). His work has appeared in Fantasy Folklore & Fairytales, Scavenger's Newsletter, The Wandering Troll, Parchment Symbols, and other print and electronic magazines. He is the owner and editor of SpecFicWorld.com, a free online resource guide for science fiction, fantasy, and horror writers. Mr. Wilmoth is now hard at work editing his new e-zine Rogue Worlds. Feel free to e-mail him at dewilmoth@peoplepc.com.
Ron Capshaw is a Southerner transplanted against his will into the noirish world of New York. He divides his time between teaching history, loving his beautiful, brilliant red-haired wife (a descendant of the Wold Newton family chronicled by Philip Jose Farmer) and his two spotted cats (descendants of Harpo and Chico), planning his escape from New York, and writing pulpish tales. His work has appeared in Blue Murder magazine and is forthcoming in the next volume of Adventure Mystery Tales published by Hidalgo Publications.
Nancy Ellis Taylor is a poet who gives readings several times a year in the L.A. area at such venues as the Midnight Special Bookstore, Pepperdine University and the El Segundo Public Library. Her work has appeared in a variety of journals, including Rouge et Noir, Expressionists, Xenophilia, Prisoners of the Night, and The Magazine of Speculative Poetry. She's also a screenwriter and specializes in horror and dark fantasy with her writing partner Denise Dumars.
Matt Welter enjoys feeding crows and listening to the wingbeats of ravens. (Is it any wonder his work found a home at Raven Electrick?) His poetry collections include Our Sainted Lady Esther (Parallel Press), Shadow of a Cloud (Pudding House Publications), Raspberry Island Red (Cornerstone Press), and Yellowstone 88 (Hodge Podge Press). Matt's work has been nominated for six Pushcart Prizes. He is the Curator of Education for the Neville Public Museum. (Photo by Dave Engel.)
Stories by Atk. Butterfly have been published in dozens of print and electronic publications including Aphelion, Eternity Magazine, The Orphic Chronicle, and Pegasus Online. His three newest novels, Witness Protection, Censored by Earth Command: Bullets and Lasers, and Space Rescue One are available from Hard Shell Word Factory, New Concepts Publishing, and Boson Books respectively, as well as from major book dealers on the Internet. He is the editor of Preditors and Editors, an online resource for writers, composers, artists, and game designers.
A member of the New Jersey Romance Writers, Elaine Togneri writes all types of short and long fiction. Her stories have appeared in The Goblin Muse, Mystery Time, and Vampire Dan's Story Emporium. Elaine is the founder and past President of Sisters in Crime - Central Jersey. When not writing, she works as an information technology specialist.
We're not done yet! There are More Raven's wRiters: Maryann Hazen-Stearns, Jean McIntosh, Daniel A. Olivas, John Picinich, Angela Davis Tartaglia, Carter Swart, Bobbi Sinha-Morey, Becky Rankin, and Jody Hart Lehrer. And More More Raven's wRiters: DF Lewis, Anthea Holland, W. Adam Mandelbaum, H. David Blalock, Klaus Æ. Mogensen, David C. Kopaska-Merkel, William C. Burns, Jr., Jean Marie Stine, and Ken Goldman. 

Now there's a "next generation" of Raven's wRiters. We're placing bios of our authors (published after February 2002) on the page containing their story or poem, rather than here in Raven's wRiters, so you won't have to hunt around--writers such as Michael Arnzen, Guy Belleranti, Bruce Boston, John Grey, Charlee Jacob, Wendy Rathbone, Ann K. Schwader, Darren Speegle and William John Watkins. Happy reading!

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