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DF Lewis. Des. Where to begin? He is the recipient of the British Fantasy Society Karl Edward Wagner Award for 1998. His work appeared five years running in The Year's Best Horror Stories (Daw Books). He's had "countless" (but if you do count, around 1300, yes, 1300) stories published in books and magazines since 1987. He produced the paperback Only Connect, a collection of "strange" stories, written in collaboration with his 78-year-old father. Last year, Des wrote two novel-length "accretions" called Miscreant in Moonstream and Emoss Crack. The works, he says, "are autonomously seeking their own market. I wish them luck." Des has been married for over thirty years and has two grown-up children.

Anthea Holland has "dabbled" in writing for as long as she can remember. Many of her poems, articles and short stories have appeared in print, including several collaborations with DF Lewis. She is currently 80,000 words into a novel she is co-writing with someone who contacted her via e-mail, a person she has never met. She says it's "an interesting experience if nothing else!" Anthea is married and lives in Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, UK.
W. Adam Mandelbaum is the author of The Psychic Battlefield (St. Martins Press, 2000), the first complete history of the "military-occult complex" or psychic spying. He has written many articles and poems, and is a member of  the Horror Writer's Association. A former intelligence professional, he is now an attorney based in New York.
H. David Blalock has been writing science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories for 25 years. His works have appeared in two print anthologies and on the web at Aphelion, Alternate Realities, Dark Moon Rising, The Writer's Hood, Steel Caves, and many more. He is currently working on two novels and several short stories for print. In his spare time, he lives with his wife, computer, and dog near Memphis, Tennessee.
For the past twenty years, Klaus Æ. Mogensen has regularly written stories and occasionally poems in the fantastic genres. He's had several of his short stories published in Denmark and Norway under his own name or a pseudonym. In 1998, he quit his daytime job to become a full-time writer and translator. The following year his novel Dimensionspiraterne ("The Dimensional Pirates") debuted from a major Danish publisher. Since then, Klaus has been working on the Danish translation of the Otherland books by Tad Williams, but hopes to write more novels in the near future. He edits Novum, the membership fanzine for Science Fiction Cirklen, the Danish science fiction association.
David C. Kopaska-Merkel is a geologist by day and poet by night. ("Occasionally it's the other way around," he notes.) David founded Dreams and Nightmares magazine in 1986, which he still edits and publishes. He has been writing poetry and short fiction since the 1970's, his many works appearing in venues such as Space and Time, Eternity Online, Eldritch Tales, The Magazine of Speculative Poetry, and Ibn Qirtaiba. Seven chapbooks of his poetry have been published, the most recent from Eraserhead Press in 2000. David grew up in Charlottesville, Virginia, but now lives in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, residing in a 100-year-old farmhouse whose farm has been engulfed by the city.
William C. Burns, Jr. was born in Washington, DC circa the early fifties, which puts him on the trailing edge of the beautiful generation. ("Remember the Hippies? Or at least Shaggy from Scooby Doo?" he asks.) Raised in and around the rolling hills of Charleston, West Virginia, he moved to South Carolina in 1984 with his wife and three children. Bill holds lots of degrees (in his words, "mostly Celsius, some Fahrenheit, a few Kelvin") in areas such as electrical engineering and education. He "keeps the hounds of starvation at bay" by teaching engineering and technology courses at various colleges. Bill's work has appeared in The New Press Literary Quarterly, Gravity: A Journal of Online Writing, and The Morpo Review, among many others.
Jean Marie Stine is the author of the classic transgender science fiction novel Season of the Witch (filmed as Synapse). Her science fiction, fantasy, horror, mystery, and erotica have appeared in a variety of print and electronic publications, such as Amazing Stories, Eros, Blood Moon, Mind Caviar, and Suspect Thoughts
Ken Goldman's stories appear in over 200 small press publications in the U.S., Canada, the UK, Ireland, and Australia. He has won contests sponsored by the Rod Serling Memorial Foundation, Preditors and Editors, The Horizon Literature Awards, and The Rose & Thorn. Ken has received honorable mentions in Datlow & Windling's Year's Best Fantasy & Horror (7th and 9th editions), along with the Horror Writers Association's recommendation for a 1995 Bram Stoker award. He is single and shuttles between homes in Pennsylvania and the Jersey shore, often accompanied by his parrot. The yellow nape responds to the command, "Kill, Baby!" (That is, if you count falling asleep as a response.)
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