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Maryann Hazen-Stearns is a Poet, Medical Transcriptionist, wife and mom. She has been published internationally in hundreds of magazines and anthologies, winning many awards and contests including the "Silver Rose Award for Poetic Achievement." Maryann is also well-known from her days as Poetry Editor of the award-winning Internet magazine The Writer's Hood. She has just completed her first full-length book of poetry, Under the Limbo Stick, courtesy of Straw House Press. She loves Renaissance Faires, birdhouses, her pet hamster, and avoiding the kitchen. Mary's e-mail address is Faerhart@yahoo.com.

Jean McIntosh was co-winner of the Jerome Johanning Playwright Award at Kansas University for her play The Ladies of Sharp End. Her first short story, “The Pan of Milk,” was published in Kansas Heritage Monthly magazine. She has made a cameo appearance as a witch being burned at the stake in the indy vampire movie Children of Darkness. Jean describes herself as "an Aquarius who lives in the city that survived The Day After." She owns a golden retriever, who so far has not met the fate of the pooch in "On the Spot."
Daniel A. Olivas has over two dozen short stories appearing or forthcoming in THEMA, Exquisite Corpse, The Morpo Review, Foliage, La Petite Zine, and MindKites, among others. His fiction will be included in an upcoming collection from Bilingual Review/Press entitled Fantasmas: Supernatural Stories by Mexican-American Writers, edited by Rob Johnson. Lee & Low Books will feature the author's poetry in a Spring 2001 children's collection by Latino writers entitled Love to Mamá: A Tribute to Mothers, edited by Pat Mora. You can reach Dan at olivasdan@aol.com.
John Picinich is the editor of EDGAR: Digested Verse, a quarterly zine of darkly bizarre, erotic and offbeat poetry. His poems and stories are forthcoming or have run in The Urbanite, Space and Time, Flesh & Blood, THE EDGE: Tales of Suspense, and the anthologies SOMETHING WICKED and ISIS RISING. He listens to Tori Amos for inspiration and unwinds with jazz, mostly Monk. John confesses that he "never met a cup of coffee he didn't like."
Angela Davis Tartaglia is currently working on her first novel, a short story, and more poetry. Her poems have appeared in Poems Niederngasse, 3rd Muse, The Fairfield Review, and Plain Brown Wrapper. She lives in Dunedin, Florida with her husband Daniel, two daughters and two dogs. (No wonder she says her lucky letter is D.) Her e-mail address is danielt3@gte.net. And Angela swears her murderous poem Angelica is "only fiction."
Carter Swart began writing in 1979, the result of several years of idleness prompted by a bout with Guillain-Barré syndrome, a disease that left him a lifetime paraplegic. To date he has sold over 140 articles and short stories to publications such as Murderous Intent, Hardboiled, P.I. Magazine, Blood Review, Into the Darkness, and several thoroughbred racing trade publications. His novels, published by Hollis Books, include the mysteries Deceived by Death and the forthcoming Insufficient Evidence. When not at his computer, Carter reads the classics, listens to Italian opera, watches British mysteries on telly, and corresponds with his four daughters. He lives with his western artist wife, Bonnie, in Lancaster, CA.
In addition to being a poet, Bobbi Sinha-Morey is a freelance quote researcher for Running Press Book Publishers and a secretary. Her work has appeared in Talebones, The Best of Pirate Writings, frisson, and Penny Dreadful, among others. Her books of poetry, The Sylvan and Tears of A Mourning Rose, are available at ebooksonthe.net. She is also the poetry editor for Dark Regions. Bobbi notes that she is "the proud owner of a lovely black cat by the name of Mooshy."
Becky Rankin is a student of music at Washington State University. Her hobbies/activities include composing and performing music locally and for radio, writing poetry, and painting. Becky's work has appeared in Gauntlet! the Magazine of Heroic Tales, and she publishes Poet's Corner, a quarterly magazine. She enjoys reading poetry and classics. Her favorite authors are C.S. Lewis, Tolkien, and G.K. Chesterton.
Jody Hart Lehrer is, in her own words, "a creatively repressed government lawyer who emotes in her free time by writing poetry and short stories." She has written for Editorial Humor Newspaper and Reader's Heaven, and currently pens weekly articles on motherless mothering for Suite101. She also performs at improvisational clubs, reading her works. Jody lives in Massachusetts. 
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