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Dragon People
by Bruce Boston

If dragon people were the world
we would hoard our gold and 
breathe fire on our neighbors.

We would live in luxurious
caves with all the modern
conveniences at our disposal.

We would listen to dragon music 
and watch dragon movies where 
the human hero was slain.

With the latest salves and 
ointments we would combat the 
fungus that plagues our scales.

Our sinuous necks would dip 
and swerve and our eyes would
glow as we courted one another.

We would take to the air slowly,
wings flapping in flights
majestic and cumbersome.

With serious sensuous roars 
from deep in our throats,
we would quake the earth below.


Bruce Boston's writing has received numerous awards, including the Rhysling, the Asimov's Readers' Choice, the Bram Stoker, a Pushcart Prize, and the Grand Master Award of the Science Fiction Poetry Association. He is the author of forty books and chapbooks, including the novel Stained Glass Rain and Flashing the Dark: Forty Short Fictions. He lives in Ocala, Florida, with his wife, writer-artist Marge Simon. For more information, please visit his website.


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"Dragon People" © 2006 Bruce Boston. Used by permission of the author.
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