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Anita Blake, Vampire
Hunter (#7)
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by Melissa Pinol

She sleeps in the black hole
Where my heart used to beat
Did I invite her 
Or did she gnaw her
Way in
Parting the battered flesh
With claws of
Twisted caring
Let me take care of you
She said
Curling up for a long rest
In the hollow warmed
By my living blood
Before it grew cold.
I had almost forgotten
She was there
Almost remembered
Desire’s pulse
Snuffed out 
As carelessly
As a candle
When it 
To end
Her bitter sleep.


Melissa Pinol has a B.A. in Social Science and a special interest in myth and folklore. She worked as an Employment Specialist for disabled people before becoming disabled herself. Over the past four years Melissa has sold approximately 200 poems, stories, and articles. Her work has recently appeared in Rogue Worlds, Fables, Eotu, The Martian Wave, and Inscriptions, among others. She is also a poetry reviewer for The Harrow. Melissa lives "in a hilly place" with her "partner Jim, and three wonderful dogs."


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"Guardian" © Melissa Pinol. Used by permission of the author.
 Raven Electrick © Karen A. Romanko. Clipart by Corel®.