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Light of the Winter's Moon
by Klaus Æ. Mogensen
Under the light of the winter's moon
I will cast an eldritch rune
I will blow my ancient horn, and soon
The world listens to my magic tune

Under the light of the stars of spring
I will dance and I will sing
I will sing of the ensorcelled king
and the secret of the warlock's ring

Under the light of the summer's sun
I will tell of deeds once done
Of the battles that good men have won
And the demons they made turn and run

Under the light of the autumn's sky
I will soar and I will fly
In search of the days long gone by
When men were men, and as men did die

Under the light of the worlds of old
I first heard these tales I've told
Of heroes that were brave and bold
They now all long have been dead and cold

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"Light of the Winter's Moon" ©Klaus Æ. Mogensen. Used by permission of the author.
 Raven Electrick ©2000-2001 Karen A. Romanko. Clipart by Corel®.